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Vibration Monitoring & Turbine Supervisory Instrumentation

Vibration monitoring in your predictive maintenance help identify pump problems before they occur.

Shinkawa’s sensors for accurate shaft displacement, eccentricity & vibration help in better predictive maintenance of your turbine.

Accurate condition monitors for shaft vibration, axial position,  eccentricity & temperature for flexibility.

Vibration analysis and diagnostic system to acquire condition of rotating machinery and feedbacks to operator.

Noncontact displacement, touch-roll type thickness measurement system makes the system superior to any measurement system.

Wide range of special sensors to meet diversified needs for measurement under severe conditions required in various industries.

ACT proudly represent Shinkawa Electric – Japan for their products and services in Pakistan, SEC is one of the leading and specialized manufacturer of vibration monitoring equipment and software in the world.  ACT with Shinkawa Electric Japan help customer running their plant safely and smoothly and provide solutions that can detect failures before they occur.

Please checkout our page for detailed products information or contact our sales support.

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